TIMESTAMP compilation album is now accepting submissions!

Our friends at Free People Records are taking submissions for their project Timestamp — a compilation album of Colorado music created during isolation. The album is set to be released in early 2021 with a submissions deadline of December 13.

FreeMusicForFreePeople (FM4FP) is a collective of creatives who know that music and collaboration have the power to inspire and uplift our communities. As a media organization, their goal is to provide exposure and opportunity to emerging musicians, activists, organizers and communities. FM4FP hopes to reach the world with good music, inspiration and information. Most importantly, they seek to help the Denver community thrive.

If FM4FP sounds familiar to you, you may have seen their founder and executive producer Monalicious perform on The Hallow Stream here on Loudspeaker last month. If not, get to know them because they're doing some awesome work and creating amazing art. Loudspeaker is proud to partner with FM4FP and the Underground Music Showcase to support this incredible project, and if you're a Colorado musician or know someone who is, submit your music for consideration today! Remember, the deadline for submissions is December 13, 2020.

As a community organization, FM4FP's goal is to provide an opportunity and an environment for people to feel free in expressing themselves. In hosting creative spaces, we come together, contributing what we can to be apart of something bigger than ourselves, to FreeMusicForFreePeople.

For more information on FM4FP and to submit your music to Timestamp, head to https://www.fm4fp.com/timestamp.

Check out our ColoRadio Spotlight interviews with Monalicious:

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