Studio Use Agreement

I, the undersigned, understand and acknowledge and agree to be bound by the following terms:

  1. The NoCo FM Studio, located at 2838 Iowa Drive Unit 101, Fort Collins, Colorado (hereinafter referred to as “Studio”), are for use only to produce programs for broadcast on NoCo FM. I agree to use the space only for this purpose.
  2. Access to the Studio is a privilege and can be revoked at any time for any reason.
  3. I may be given a keypad code to access the studio when a producer is not available. I will not share this code with any person for any reason.
  4. I am responsible for all equipment located within the Studio during my assigned session. I will check to ensure that all the equipment that I wish to use is in proper working order before recording. If any equipment or other property (including but not limited to computers, microphones, headphones, furniture, cabling) in the Studio should become missing, damaged or inoperable during my assigned session, I will notify NoCo FM management immediately and agree to reimburse NoCo Media, Ltd. for the replacement cost of such equipment if it is determined that my use was the cause.
  5. I will not remove any equipment from the Studio without prior written approval.
  6. No drugs or smoking (including e-cigarettes) are allowed in the Studio, ever. No alcohol is allowed in the Studio without prior approval.
  7. I will respect the space and leave the Studio as I found it and agree to clean up after myself and any guest(s).
  8. My access is for the Studio space only. I will not access or attempt to access other areas of the building without prior approval.
  9. I will not bring additional guests to the Studio without prior approval unless said guest(s) are participating in the recording of a show. All guests must sign a Talent Release Agreement to participate in a show on NoCo FM.
  10. Whenever possible, I will reserve the Studio ahead of time using the online booking tool provided by NoCo FM. An overrun of the scheduled time is permitted if there is not another booking immediately following mine.
  11. NoCo Media, Ltd. shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to personal property placed in or about the Studio.