New Year, New You – Explore the Upside of Sobriety with The Hangover Liberation Society

Chances are you know about the downside of drinking… the anxiety, damage to your body, lost days, lost relationships. It’s important to remember that stuff, but instead of focusing on the downsides, why not talk about the upside of sobriety?

Maybe drinking is holding you back from becoming the person you want to be. Or perhaps you’re already sober, but the life you’re leading isn’t what you envisioned. The truth is, recovery is more than just abstaining. It means changing the conditions that surround us and learning to love and trust ourselves again. Most people need support to do that, and that’s where The Hangover Liberation Society comes in.

Each week on the show, co-hosts Adrienne van der Valk and Erin Ranta will teach you how to live sober, using a combination of neuroscience, somatic practices, nutrition, and mindfulness. Both Adrienne and Erin have traveled long roads with substance use disorders, and now they empower other people on their own recovery paths. If your relationship with alcohol isn’t working, they’re here to help you find the door.

The Hangover Liberation Society premieres live on Wednesday, January 5, 2022 at 10 PM Eastern / 7 PM Pacific streaming on Loudspeaker Radio at, TuneIn, Amazon Alexa and Google Home smart speakers, and the Loudspeaker mobile app with new episodes airing every Wednesday thereafter at the same time. Podcast versions will follow on Thursday mornings on, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and wherever you listen, and the first two episodes are available now. The Hangover Liberation Society is a production of Feminist Hotdog and Loudspeaker Studios.

Located in beautiful Fort Collins, Colorado, Loudspeaker™ is an LGBTQIA-led, listener-supported streaming radio service and production studio devoted to amplifying the voices, stories, and artistic expressions of underserved communities. Loudspeaker Studios produces over 200 hours of original on-demand programming each year designed to entertain, inform, and inspire. We cover a wide range of topics and interests, from self-improvement, social issues, and feminism, to comedy, music, and original audio drama. Our podcasts consistently rank in the Top 30 charts for their respective categories, according to Apple Podcasts®.


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