Introducing The Weird: A Podcast That’s Part Horror, Part Comedy, Completely Weird

Crawling out from a dark alleyway, under the wing of the Mothman, or maybe a bog somewhere, The Weird is a new show from the Loudspeaker Network that offers listeners all the crunchy fun of a tabletop roleplaying game actual play podcast with an audio drama-level of attention to storytelling and immersive sound design. It’s also an original game created for the Powered by the Apocalypse game system, written by showrunner Charles Kelly.

The three-headed podcast baby of The X-Files, Twin Peaks, and Gravity Falls, The Weird is set in the strangest of decades, the 90s, and follows two agents working for the Department of the Weird (a subdivision of the Department of Transportation): Hal Bishop, rampant chain-smoker, and pony-tailed skeptic, played by Scottye Moore, and Ash Delaney, the cheerful, chatty head of the DOW, played by Megan Danger.

Tasked with responding to any reports of the paranormal, supernatural, or just plain weird, Bishop and Delaney will take on ill-tempered terrors, discover startling secrets, sing some Dolly Parton, and try not to get murdered by demons.

Kelly, Moore, and Danger, the core team behind The Weird, are all queer and non-binary and hope to use the show and subsequent game to uplift marginalized voices even as they create a story that’s equal parts goofy, spooky, and weird. Listeners are also invited to play a part in The Weird by helping further develop and playtest the game on the show’s Patreon and eventually get their own version to play with their friends.

The Weird premiers on May 3rd, 2021, National Paranormal Day, with the release of three chapters of its first narrative arc. Future episodes will drop every other Wednesday on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts, but you can catch them first Tuesday nights at 7pm PST / 10pm EST streaming on In honor of the premiere, Loudspeaker will be streaming a listening party on our Loudspeaker Talk channel at 9pm ET / 6pm PT.

The premiere of The Weird kicks off Loudspeaker's birthday celebration. The network is celebrating three years of broadcasting throughout the month of May with new exclusive programs and special events. Stay tuned to and @heyloudspeaker on social media for more updates.

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