Episode Specifications

Episode Structure


Two seconds of silence, followed by the NoCo FM Signature Intro (download).


There should be an act break somewhere toward the middle of the episode where an ad spot can be inserted. Ideally, this contains a natural breaking point in the episode, followed by 5-10 seconds of music that fades down, then the break, then 5-10 seconds of music that fades in to the second act. The time of the break should be included in your show notes. (Example: Break at 23:05)


At the end of the episode, add the NoCo FM Outro (download) followed by two seconds of silence. Any additional remaining silence or audio should be removed.

Audio Notes

Noise reduction should be applied to the episode before you mixdown to MP3. Audition's noise reduction works well for most situations. Here's a video that shows you how:


It's preferable to have unique artwork for each episode whenever possible, not only for visual distinction between episodes, but also for social media content. If you create artwork for your episode, please include that with your episode submission. If you need help creating an episode template, please let Chris know.


Each episode should the following metadata tags:

  • Title: [Show Initials] [Episode Number]: [Episode title]
  • Artist: [Show Name]
  • Album: [Show Name]
  • Album Art: [Episode Artwork] or [Show Artwork] (image should be at least 1500x1500 per Apple's requirements)
  • Genre: Podcast
  • Track Number: [Episode Number]
  • Copyright: ©[year] NoCo Media, Ltd. (for original shows)

Episode numbers should have three digits with leading zeroes: ie. 009. For shows that are grouped into seasons, the episode number would be S[Season Number]E[Episode Number (two digits)].

Example for season 5 episode 9: S5E09

Full title example (standard): BBB 020: Teaching Children of All Ages About Consent
Full title example (season): FH S1E06: Feminists in Bed

Metadata entry in Audition (click for larger):


Final File

Filename: [Show initials]_[Episode number]_[title].mp3 (ie. fh_s1e06_feminists_in_bed.mp3)
File Type: MP3
Bitrate: 320kbps constant bit rate (CBR)
Sample Rate: 44100 or 48000 khz, 16 or 24-bit

Use WeTransfer to send your episode (and any related media, such as show notes) to chris@noco.fm.

If you have any questions, please let Chris or Charles know. Thank you for being a part of NoCo FM!